Keeping your HVAC system working efficiently and extending the life expectancy of the equipment. Part 2.

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The HVAC system in your home is one of the most neglected systems in the house. Unless it quits working and then everyone notices especially during inclement weather. Emergencies and inconvenient problems can be avoided by conducting regular maintenance on your heating and air conditioning units. Air conditioning Wright MechanicalBy conducting regular maintenance on your furnace and air conditioner you will improve the energy efficiency and extend how long your HVAC equipment works without having to be replaced. It is important to have these systems checked twice per year. The air conditioning unit should be checked in the spring before regular usage and the furnace should be checked in the fall before it is needed on a regular basis. Your equipment will work more efficiently if cleaned on a regular schedule and will not have to work as hard which will wear out moving parts quicker. The basic maintenance is easy to perform if you are just a little handy. If you are not handy or you are not capable then I would suggest a service agreement. Service agreements are not expensive and well worth the investment. A HVAC professional will check all of your safety features to give you peace of mind that not only is your family comfortable but also safe.