Service Agreement

A service agreement is a contract entered into between a contractor and a customer that specifies a specific set of tasks on a specific schedule. Our service agreement is a commitment from us to you that we will do everything we can to make sure your HVAC system is as energy efficient as it can be and your HVAC system is reliable for years to come. Our service agreement is very affordable and will save you time, money, and aggravation. Also, if you do need service on your HVAC system you will receive special discounts on parts and labor and preferential scheduling if necessary. We will set up a payment schedule that is convenient for you. For a small monthly fee you will have the best HVAC company in Louisville, KY dedicated to the care of your heating and air conditioning equipment. Every home is different so please call so we can inspect the home and give you a free quote for a service agreement.


Benefits of a Service Agreement

*No service fees during regular business hours
*Preferential scheduling if necessary
*Up to 5% off on selective parts and labor
*Automatic reminders of next service
*Safety check for carbon monoxide each year
*Easy monthly, quarterly, or annual payment programs
*Clean your system twice a year to keep it running at top performance
Following is a breakdown.

Summer Service

Winter Service

Heat Pumps

Outside unit
Gas Furnace
*Test defrost controls
*Clean outdoor unit
*Clean burners
*Test reversing valve
*Check evaporator for cleanliness
*Check heat exchanger/burner chamber
*Check refrigerant levels
*Check refrigerant levels
*Test for proper venting
*Measure amp draw
*Test and check contact/relays/run and start capacitor
*Camera inspection of heat exchanger
*Check all electrical connects/safety controls
*Clean evaporator drain
*Measure amp draw
*Test heat strips and all controls in  air handler
*Test condenser fan motor
*Check gas pressures
*Check for cleanliness of blower
*Measure amp draw
*Check electrical connections
*Check all electrical connections and pressure switches
*Check blower cleanliness
*Check voltage on unit and disconnect
*Test all safety controls


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