Why Whoever Works On Your HVAC System Needs To Be Licensed

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For most families, their home is the largest investment they will ever make so it is important to screen who you allow to work on that investment. The HVAC system could be the most neglected yet is one of, if not the, most important system in your home. It is critical that whoever you have work on as essential a system as your heating and air conditioning equipment be licensed and trained to do so. Would you allow someone that is not a doctor perform surgery on your child? I know that is an extreme comparison because this is not a life or death situation. Or is it? Carbon monoxide poisoning or a dangerous fire are real possibilities if safety equipment is bypassed or not installed correctly.

How reputable could a contractor be if they do not have the proper license? You can not be assured that they have the proper training. If they have not taken the time to be trained and licensed then how confident should you be that they will do the job right?

If they are not licensed then they are not insured. If there is any damage done to your home or equipment then that is coming out of your pocket. If you can not afford to use a licensed technician then how will you be able to afford to pay to fix the mistakes.

Contractors without the proper license will undoubtedly not have workers compensation insurance. That means that if anyone gets injured on your property you will be responsible for the medical bills and possibly a very expensive lawsuit. You gave them permission to work on your property so you will be held liable if anyone is hurt. That is a good way to lose your home.
The safety of yourself or you family could be at risk if an untrained person works on the heating and cooling units in your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real threat as well as the possibility of a costly and dangerous fire.

I don’t know if you know this or not but most manufacturers will void the warranty if a non-professional installs or works on a furnace or AC unit. If you install a brand new HVAC system and have it installed or serviced by a contractor that has no license then you have voided your warranty.

It can be tough to decide on which HVAC company should service your heating and air conditioning in your home. One sure way to narrow it down is to work with only reputable, licensed, and insured contractors. If you can not afford to have it done the right way the first time then how will you afford to have it fixed the right way the second time?